No negative vibes? Blue Kyanite is the one. Known for the ability to NOT absord negativity, you wouldn't have to worry about spiritually cleansing this crystal. Although this stone holds a subtle, gentle and balanced energy does not take away the fact that is is great for assisting in building your spiritual and psychic intuition. As a healer to the throat chakra, this crystal aids in opening your communication skills and express your true identity. Kyanite also helps for all the dreamers, this will increase your ability to recall and connect with your dreams.  


Blue Kyanite helps to build strength and decrease pain for previously broken bones or passed surgeries. With the focus on the throat chakra this is a must for singers and public speakers.


Chakra: Throat

Origin: Brazil

Measurements: 13" x 8.5" flat dimension

                         2"-4" per piece 


Blue Kyanite Cluster